Ithaca Presbyterian Church


Our Sunday services are 9.30am and 5.30pm. We are looking at two topics at present. In the morning, we are exploring what Jesus Christ has said to the seven churches of Asia Minor (as found in Revelation chapters 2 and 3). Today, we have churches that simply follow what the lead pastor says, and we have churches that follow what the latest business strategy recommends, and we have churches that follow what the democratic consensus says. We do not want this to happen in our church. The words of truth that Jesus speaks to the seven churches of Asia Minor do not concern those churches only, but they are words for all churches in every generation. We are taking to heart what Jesus says and considering how our church must change in light of the messages that Jesus Christ says to his churches. In the evening we are examining the radical idea that the church is a “priesthood under Jesus Christ”. In the Old Testament the priesthood were a select group of holy men who were from the tribe of Levi. In the New Testament, we are told that Jesus Christ is our great High Priest according to the order of Melchizedek (Hebrews 5:1-10) and that all believers, clergy and laity, men and women, young and old, Jew and Gentile, make up a priesthood of believers (1 Peter 2:5,9). Come along and grow in faith with us,

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Robert Herrgott

Pastor of Ithaca Presbyterian Church