Ithaca Presbyterian Church


Thanks to all who supported our 7th annual Fun Arvo Fundraiser. We raised about $2700 for charitable work in Burkina Faso, West Africa. We also held several special services for the community and during one of these services the International fellowship performed a skit. You can see this skit by following the links:


There is also another skit, and you can see the other skit by following the links in our resource page.


Over the months of October and November, I will be preaching at morning church on the theme of Addressing Attitudes about the Christian Faith. From surveys taken, books written, and from my own interaction with residents and students, I have repeatedly come across several barriers that make people suspicious of the Christian faith. I will respond to the common statements made by people and address these areas: (1) Can we trust in an ancient book (the Bible)? (2) Can we believe that a good God would allow human suffering? (3) Can we accept that a loving God would send people to hell? (4) Can we claim that there is only one true religion? (5) Can we make judgements on the alternative lifestyles of others? (6) Isn’t religion a hindrance to our modern scientific society? (7) Isn’t Christianity responsible for war, injustice, and child abuse? (8) Why don’t Christians practice what they preach?


In December, I will preach on the prophecies of Isaiah who said, “prepare the way of the Lord” and this will lead into our Christmas service. This year we have a special children’s Christmas morning church on December 14, 9:30am, and then we have our Christmas Carols on Christmas Eve at 6.30pm and Christmas Day morning 9.30-10.30am.


s 141214 Christmas Flyer


Robert Herrgott, Pastor of Ithaca Presbyterian Church