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COME TOGETHER, GROW TOGETHER / Every Sunday Evening @ 6.00pm 

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Kids' Bible Time (KBT)


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Kids' Church has been given a new name, "Kids' Bible Time (KBT)". This occurs for four 10 week teaching blocks during the year. This compliments our morning church ministry that seeks to have a unified time of family corporate worship with praise, prayers, Scripture reading and family talk. After this, the children have a Kids' Bible Time (KBT) while the adults hear the sermon. Then we have morning tea in the hall, after which the Cook Islanders have their meeting in Cook Island Moari language and the Koreans go over the sermon in the Korean language. Every month, we celebrate the Lord's Supper, when there is no Kids' Bible Time, but a service of the Word and Sacrament for everyone to remember that we are God's children through the life and death of Jesus Christ, His Son.