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Our elders

The term “Presbyterian” comes from the Greek word presbuteros which means elder. Rather than being governed by single individuals (priests, bishops, archbishops) like in an episcopalian system, or being governed by the congregation like in a congregational system, a Presbyterian church is governed and led by elders. The monthly meetings of the elders are called Session meetings, and they are chaired and moderated by the Moderator of the Charge (the pastor/minister). All elders (including the moderator) get an equal vote at session meetings.

Jayesh Naran


Jayesh joined Ithaca Presbyterian Church in 2019 as the assistant pastor, before becoming the lead pastor at the start of 2021. Prior to that, he worked as a ministry trainee at Village Church in Kelvin Grove in 2013 & 2014, before studying at QTC (Queensland Theological College) while serving as a student minister at Mitchelton Presbyterian Church (2015-2016) and Southside Presbyterian Church (2017-2018). Jayesh is married to Jess and they have two young kids, Zeke (2020) and Zola (2022).

Jayesh came to love and know Jesus in his early twenties when he realised how desperately he needed Jesus for salvation and how much he was loved as a child of God through faith in Jesus. Discovering that nothing he did could make God love him any more or less was the turning point in his life, thanks to sermons by Tim Keller and Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Since that point, Jayesh has been passionate about helping more and more people find life in Jesus.

Stu Hoadley


Stu Hoadley is an ordained minister and the Clerk of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland. Prior to his role at PCQ he served as the care pastor at Mitchelton Presbyterian Church, then as the lecturer of Chaplaincy, Youth & Aged Care at Queensland Theological College. He is married to Belinda and they have three adult children (and one grandchild).

Derek Hanna


Derek is the Director of Church Planting (Geneva Push) for Reach Australia. In 2009, he planted Village Church in Kelvin Grove which he pastored until the end of 2015. Derek is married to Jacqueline, and they’ve got three boys who bring them joy and worry in equal measure.

John Wilson


John Wilson is married to Cecily and they have five adult children. John has been a part of Ithaca Presbyterian Church since the early 90’s and is now retired, having worked for CSR and Hunter Douglas across his career. John loves Jesus, he has the most white hair (and hence life experience) of all the elders, and his maturity and level head keeps the team on track.

Our Committee of Management

In a Presbyterian Church, finance and property matters are dealt with by elected members of the congregation called managers, who meet monthly as a committee of management (COM). The committee is chaired and moderated by the Moderator of the Charge (the minister of the church), and two members of COM serve as the treasurer and the secretary. The elders of the church are ex-officio members who can attend and vote at meetings.

Belinda Hoadley


Andrew Gentle

Secretary of COM

Stephen Gentle

COM member

Casey Vallance

COM member

Rebekah Vallance

COM member

Ben Pitt

COM member